Chadbrook Shiba Inu Breeder, Scotland, UK

Shiba Inu

Meet our girls
Chadbrook - Pace

Chataway Little Vixen (Pace)

Wollsteiner G’Kar x Jordanelles It’s Showtime

Goniscopy- Clear
PLA = Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Our first Shiba kindly given to us by David and MD of the Chataway Kennel.  Pace is our founding bitch who has successfully produced 3 litters and is a great mum.  She is the head of the roost out of all our dogs at Chadbrook and not even the terriers try to get one past her!  I admire her so much and proud to be her owner.  A great ratter and hunting instinct with 24/7 off lead the only way she likes to roll.  And yes, her recall is excellent!

Chadbrook - Suki

Chadbrook Vixen’s Secret (Suki)

Casakura Harly Echo at Cherkhan (JW SHCM) x Chataway Little Vixen

PLA = Grade 1
Eye Test - Clear

Suki completely lives up to her name.  Shibas are described as being aloof but she can’t be farther from it.  Always wanting cuddles and attention, Suki never leaves my side.  She is just as dominant as her mum and helps rule the pack with her royal princess genes.

Chadbrook - Mino

Jumi Z Grodzkiego Zakatka (IMP POL) (Mino)

Pol Ch Bushi Swobodne Zycie x Pol Ch Mishiko Z Grodzkiego Zakatka

PLA = Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Mino is the smallest of our Shiba’s and very much the smiler!  She just loves people and cuddles.

Chadbrook - Lenka

Fudzisan Romika Nanakusa of Chadbrook (IMP RUS) (Lenka)

Kaga No Zen Go Kagasou x Fudzisan Nanami

PLA = Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Lenka also arrived with Feliks from Russia in July 2020.  We are chuffed with her friendly adaptable nature.  Lenka is very aloof and loves her freedom.  She takes herself on walks around farm and can climb almost anything.  Thankfully she never runs away and will do anything for a treat!  A real character in her and a pleasure to be her owner.

Chadbrook - Angel

Chadbrook Arctic Fox

Cherkhan Silk Road x Jumi z Grotzkiego Zakatka

PLA = Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Angel is quite the madam and loves to play rough with all other dogs. She will debut in the show ring 2022.