Chadbrook Parson Russell Breeder, Scotland, UK

Shiba Inu

Meet our boys

Chadbrook - Mr Fox

Cherkhan Silk Road (Mr. Fox)

Jordanelle’s Breaking Dawn at Cherkhan (JW SHCM) x Casakura Shirley Temple

PLA Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Red and fluffy this boy!  He is a proper gentleman and proven stud to our girls.  Passing on his friendly nature to his offspring. Thank you to Jane and Mark @ Cherkhan kennel for this lovely boy who arrived in 2019.  A cheeky but fun boy who loves to let everyone know he is here.  Everyone loves Mr. Fox!

Chadbrook - Feliks

Fudzisan Okitatsu Shiwasu (IMP RUS) (Feliks)

Kaga No Zen Go Sapporo Kagasou x Fudzisan Darumasou

PLA = Grade 0
Eye Test - Clear

Our first Sesame! Feliks arrived from in July 2020 from his breeder Julija Tarhanova in Russia.  A capable, outgoing, and friendly young boy.