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Jack Russel Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small feisty terrier with the strong instinct for hunting. They are playful with a vast amount of energy. They require early socialization with other canines and people to become well rounded member of the family. They are very devoted and loving to their families. Good with children if raised with love and respect.

Training must be firm, but loving. They may be socialised to stock, but certain situations may arise when instinct overrides training.

First and foremost, they are working earth terriers used for vermin control. The intensity for which they tackle life is one of their most endearing traits.

The breed is highly intelligent. They thrive most in a family with an active lifestyle where they can explore the great outdoors. The breed is not for everyone. However, most Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts make a lifelong commitment to the breed.

Being highly intelligent Jack Russell’s can turn their paw to most tasks they excel in Agility, Flyball, Racing, Obedience and many more things. They thrive and are most happy when they are given a job to do.

Jack Russell Terrier Breeder in Scotland and the UK

Welsh Terrier

An early name for the breed was the Welsh Black and Tan Rough Coated Terrier – and that is a very accurate description, now compressed into its present title.

The broken coated black and tan terriers of the 18th century were influential behind many terrier breeds and the huntsmen of Wales stayed true to this colour, adding Irish Terrier and Airedale and later the Lakeland to reduce size and add some refinement in the development of breed type.

The breed was used on fox, otter and badger and was often used by hunts, running alongside hounds.

Welsh Terrier Breeder in Scotland and the UK
Chadbrook Dog Breeder in Scotland, UK

(Welsh Terrier)

Breeder: Denk Csaba Laszlo (Hungary)

We are excited to welcome “Roman” into our Kennel from Hungary. Thank you to his breeder for rearing him so well. He is the most steady and good-natured terrier. We hope to have lots of fun learning to groom him properly and success in the show ring.

Chadbrook Dog Breeder in Scotland, UK

Ray of Light Delle Syrenuse of Chadbrook
(Jack Russell Terrier)

Breeder Antonino D’Esposito (Italy)

We are also excited to welcome “Athena” into our kennel from Italy. Thank you her breeder Antonino for allowing her to come to us. She is a strong fiesty little dog with an abundance of character. She has settled in well and we look forward to showing her.