Chadbrook Parson Russell Terrier Breeder in Scotland, UK
What is the process for reserving a puppy?

We take the matching of puppies and owners very seriously and try in cohesion with owners to take into account all aspects of the owner's situation experience and lastly preferences when helping you choose your puppy. I take a great deal of time watching your puppy develop from birth and guide you on their temperament health and “looks”. At birth I will let you know what we have in terms of number in litter, sex of the puppies and colours. I can’t tell what coat type the puppies will have at this stage (Parsons only).

You get to “pick” with guidance and advice at 6 weeks old or older.

Puppies can leave from Chadbrook at 8 weeks old at the earliest.

I appreciate honesty about your situation at home, who lives there, any other dogs, work commitments and your experience of the breed and owning dogs in general. I expect you to ask me questions too!